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Sustainability Plan

When we started Layered our first goal was to be as transparent as possible. We aim to develop products that last a lifetime in your home. As our collections have a timeless expression they will last for a long time and our materials are carefully chosen for their sustainable characteristics. We chose every part of our process with care, from our raw materials and our facilities to selecting partners we work with.



By building trust, we aspire to enable the possibility to make conscious choices. We push ourselves to always improve each stage of our transparency goals working with our partners who share the same goal.


We aim for a circular business model, choosing the right raw materials from the beginning and designing products that are made to last, but also made with the possibility of disassembly in mind.


We aim to use recycled and environmental friendly materials for all our Layered packaging


We work closely with our suppliers to always push for the best construction within our product groups, ensuring our products are made to last.


To minimize our transport emissions, transportation is selected based on the lowest carbon footprint when possible.


A few solutions we practice become a more sustainable office including energy conservation and recycling.


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